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All you need to know about Woodbridge Golf Club in Suffolk

3:19 PM August 1, 2022

3:54 PM August 1, 2022

There’s nothing quite like playing a few rounds of golf with friends and family in the sunshine.

For regular golfers, signing up as a member means you can enjoy the courses whenever you like, get involved in community events and sharpen your skills.

Sean Clark, club secretary at Woodbridge Golf Club, talks us through some of the advantages of becoming a member, the history of the courses and how you can sign up.

The Forest course is comprised of nine holes and does not require a handicap to play, whilst the 18-hole Heath course provides a true challenge for experienced golfers.
– Credit: Severn Images

Q: What can you tell me about the history of the Woodbridge Golf Club?

A: The club was formed over a century ago in 1893 during a meeting held in the town of Woodbridge. Major JEW Howey, the man behind the creation of the club and all-round sportsman, selected the heathland on the Sink Farm in Bromeswell to be the location of the Heath course. The present course is still located here today.

The original 18-hole Heath course was designed by the famous professional golfer Davie Grant, and apart from a modification in the 1920s, the layout has generally remained the same since. The last major alterations occurred in the late 1960s, when a new clubhouse was built. Beginning with 40 gentlemen putting their names down on the members list at a cost of 21 shillings per annum, the club has a current membership of over 800 keen golfers!

Q: What are the different memberships for Woodbridge Golf Club?

A: There are two types of memberships that we offer: the full membership and the Forest course membership. The Forest course is comprised of nine holes and does not require a handicap certificate to play. The full membership grants you unlimited access to both courses, as well as all of the facilities and community gatherings at the club.

The competitions for members are split into Men’s’, Ladies’, Seniors’, Juniors’ and Mixed – all with a number of competitive and social events in the calendar each year. There’s also a visitor’s fee which grants you a temporary membership for a day, including full access to either course, the pro shop and all other facilities.

Woodbridge Golf Club

Woodbridge Golf Club members can take part in a number of regional and national competitions, such as the Eastern Counties Cup.
– Credit: Charles Briscoe-Knight

Q: How strong is the community aspect of being a member?

A: Fostering a vibrant, friendly community here at the golf club is a crucial priority. We host a super club once a month, in which members can enjoy a hearty meal and catch up with each other. Regular social gatherings such as Sunday lunches, barbecues and quiz nights are part and parcel of club life – as well as a full calendar of golfing events!

Q: Can your members take part in regional or national competitions?

A: Yes, we encourage our more seasoned members to challenge themselves in competitive competitions. Our members play in both county and national events, and even further afield, generally acquitting themselves very well.

The Eastern Counties Cup is one of the oldest and most prestigious open competitions for men in East Anglia. Clubs from Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire play over 36 holes with a handicap index limit of 10. We also host a Ladies Open, Mixed Open, Seniors Open and Charity Golf Day.

There’s definitely a competition for every golfer to test their mettle and have a fantastic day on the course. The performance and custom fitting studio boasts state-of-the-art technology and practice areas that can assist golfers of all skill levels. It’s perfect for members who want an extra session to prepare for a tournament or brush up on an area of ​​their game.

Wide shot of the Heath course with trees and green fields at Woodbridge Golf Club, Suffolk

Alongside plans to revamp the courses, Woodbridge have recently completed a refurbishment of the changing rooms and will soon begin a regeneration of the clubhouse.
– Credit: Simon Potter

Q: Do you have any exciting projects planned for the future?

A: Absolutely, we have a few initiatives lined up to enhance our courses – adapting some of the hole layouts, extending the courses, adding some new tees and remodeling the green complexes. We’ve just finished a major refurbishment of the changing rooms and we’re now examining the rest of the clubhouse.

In order to ensure a positive experience for our members, a forward-thinking outlook is essential. During every project we listen to our community, invest time and resources into vital areas and plan ahead to preserve the quality of all our endeavours.

To learn more about Woodbridge Golf Club, or to apply for a membership, visit or call 01394 382038.

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