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Andrey Sirotkin Decisions Victor Murashkin Over Ten in Moscow

Moscow, Russia – A year and a half after his latest win, Andrey Sirotkin made another mark in the ‘W’ column by outpointing determined Belarussian import Victor Murashkin (4-3, 3 KOs) over ten rounds with a unanimous decision (although no scores were announced). The fight was the main event of the evening, promoted at the Mir Concert Hall by Zyaki Yunisov of the YUKA Promotions.

Sirotkin, 37, was coming off a stoppage loss to Kazakh young gun Meiirm Nursultanov, which followed his solid road draw versus future WBO Interim title challenger Danny Dignum in April 2021. Murashkin, 29, on the other hand, has been more successful with the road kayo victory over Stanislav Skorokhod in kyiv, Ukraine.

Murashkin started just where he had left, immediately coming at the slow-starting Sirotkin. The Belarussian rocked his counterpart with a solid right hand in the first and looked considerably better. The next round, Sirotkin was able to deny Murashkin’s youthfulness and raw power but more telling blows were again thrown by the Belarussian. Sirotkin gradually worked his way into the fight by making a specific accent on his southpaw stance and hard left hands. Murashkin lost some steam and began to gravitate into Sirotkin’s game. Still, the first half was very much even.

Later on, Murashkin started to wind down, while Sirotkin cleverly sensing his limits and his capacities. began to increase his tempo, also sharpening his attacks and fully getting into the fight. Murashkin worked hard but felt slightly uncomfortable, which prevented him from increasing perils for Sirotkin. He also suffered a cut over his left eye to complicate the matters.

The final two rounds were convincingly Sirotkin’s. He is now 20-2-1, 7 KOs. Boxing Scene saw it 97-94 – also for the Russian.


Ravshan Ergashev of Uzbekistan but now living and fighting out of Saint Petersburg, Russia, tried very hard to interrupt his three-fight series of losses but hit the wall in experienced bruiser Evgueny Terentiev, who prevailed with a unanimous decision in an eight-round contest .

Ergashev, taller and a year older of the two, chose to be an aggressor and moved forward, trying to tag Terentiev, also from St. Petersburg, with solid stinging jabs. Terentiev expressed fine upper body movement in close quarters and countered almost all of Ergashev’s offensive. The Russian boxer was slowly getting into an active mode, while Ergashev began to show signs of fatigue after the midpoint.

Crucial moments came in the seventh round. Terentiev dropped Ergashev hard with a very short right hook twenty seconds into the stanza. Ergashev was forced to spend the next minute in a survival mode. Bu the Uzbek recovered well under fire, while Terentiev punched himself out a bit. He also suffered a cut over his left eye. The final round was tense but Ergashev made it at least even or maybe in his favor.

Still, all three judges saw it for Evguney Terentiev (18-5-1, 8 KOs). Next for Terentiev can be May 27 rematch versus formerly world-rated Russian fighter Magmed Madiev (15-1-2, 4 KOs), who is coming off a very close loss to Felix Cash in the United Kingdom. Ergashev is now 6-4-1, 2 KOs.


Andrey Maik of Vorkuta repelled wild aggression of Belarussian journeyman Nadir Bakshiev, outboxing and outthinking the latter to a close unanimous decision over eight rounds.

Maik (now 8-1, with a single kayo) came back several months since his stoppage loss to rising talent Khariton Agrba, while Bakshiev, who had traveled all around Eastern Europe for the last several years, was coming into the fight with a streak of three consecutive stoppage losses. The unsuccessful series didn’t prevent Nadir, fittingly nicknamed The Robot, from a fierce offensive from round one. Bakshiev, 25, threw numerous hard shots – both single and in combinations – but lacked finesse and precision, allowing Maik to smartly avoid any danger. Andrey was more refined, although he ratherran than actually moved laterally at times. Still his jab from him was potent, as were his counter-series from him.

Maik, 28, faced some troubles later on but still managed to hear the final bell mostly unscathed. Bakshiev, disappointed with the final outcome, drops down to 7-16-3, no KOs. His best career moment of him is a couple of back-to-back wins over then-undefeated British prospect Sean Fennell in 2020 and 2021.


Heavyweights Nikita Zavada (0-0-1) and Dmitry Skvortsov (0-1-1) boxed to a heated four-round draw in a hard, blood-filled two-way contest. Both fighters were rocked at times but neither went down, as they continued to rumble fiercely till the very end.


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