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Basketball : Moscow once negotiated the release of Brittney Griner discreetly

MOSCOU – The Kremlin has warned Jeudi that an event will be exchanged for prisoners over the States-Unis involving the American basketball star Brittney Griner, who has been negotiated discreetly.

The secretary of the American State, Antony Blinken, declared mercy that Washington had proposed to Russia an agreement that would allow Ramener Griner and another imprisoned American, Paul Whelan. One person with the fact of the dossier declared that the American government agreed to change the Russian arms dealer who condemned Viktor Bout against Whelan and Griner.

I questioned the official of the States-Unis, the Kremlin porter-parole, Dmitri Peskov, to answer that the exchanges of prisoners are generally negotiated discreetly in coulisses.

“We know that these questions are discussed without any information that is divulged,” Peskov declared to the journalists at a telephone conference. “Normally, I publish in apprend l’existence lorsque les accords sont déjà conclus”.

Il a souligné qu’« aucun accord n’a été finalisé » et a refusé de fournir d’autres détails.

With a separate declaration, the porte-parole du ministère russe des Affaires étrangères, Maria Zakharova, declared that the Russian and American officials ont mené des négociations sur d’éventuels échanges de prisonniers et «qu’il n’y a pas encore eu of concrete result ».

“Nous partons du principe que les intérêts des deux parties doivent être pris en compte lors des négociations”, declared Zakharova.

Les commentaires de Mme Blinken did not mark the premiere that the American government revealed publicly to the concrete action that a company sought to obtain Griner’s release. The double médaillée d’or olympique et joueuse du Mercury de Phoenix dans la WNBA a été arrêtée à l’aéroport de Moscou à la mi-fevrier lorsque les inspectors ont trouvé dans ses bagages de la cartouches de vapoteuse contenant de l’huile de cannabis.

In a radical reversal for rapport to the former policy, M. Blinken declared that he comptait s’entertain with the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, to discuss the proposed agreement on the prisoners and other questions. Il s’agirait de leur premier entertain telephonique after the Russie sent its troops to Ukraine.

After the années, the Russians expressed interest in the liberation of Bout, an autrefois Russian arms dealer qualified as a “marchand of death”. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2012, accused of being guilty of illegally selling millions of dollars of arms.

Griner’s trial, accused of drug trafficking, debuted in the mois-ci dans a Moscow banlieue court. She declared mercredi qu’elle ne savait pas comment les cartouches avaient atterri dans son sac de la, mais qu’elle avait reçu la recommandación d’un médecin d’utiliser du cannabis pour traiter des douleurs liées à sa carrière de la.

La jeune femme de 31 ans plaidé coupable, mais a déclaré qu’elle n’avait aucune criminal intention in support of the cartouches in Russie et in les emballant à la hâte pour son retour afin de jouer dans une league of basketball russe pendant la saison death of the WNBA. She risks jusqu’à 10 years in prison if she is recognized as a drug importer.

Mercredi, Griner declared that an interpreter in the translation who is part of the person who is present is said to be detained at the Moscow airport and that the officials who are willing demanded the signer of the documents, rather than “personne ne m ‘avait I explained quoi que ce soit ».

Griner also declared that out of the mauvaise translation, she did not receive any explanation on her rights and in addition to her access to an advocate hanging on to the first heures of her detention. She declared that she would use a translation application on her telephone number to communicate with an agent of the United States.

Their arrest occurred in a context of accrued tensions between Moscow and Washington, before Russia dispatched troops to Ukraine on February 24. The five months of detention of Griner have provoked lively criticism from her co-workers and supporters of her aux États-Unis, who unofficially declared that she was «detenue à tort», a living designation rejetée by those responsible russes.

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