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Best travel bags for golf, tennis, cycling and more

Sports travel bags are in high demand come summer. Get yours while supplies last.

For some travellers, vacation is the chance to escape life (and their fitness routine).

For others, having blocks of free time, fresh air, and outdoor space means getting outside is a priority.

Packing up a few essentials — like a pair of worn-in sneakers, dry-fit clothing, weights or bands can turn any hotel room into a home (away from home) gym.

Golfers, cyclists and tennis players who invest a lot of money into gear will want to take their own stuff with them on a trip. There’s no point in playing at a world-class course or going on a scenic ride if using rented equipment ruins the experience. (And don’t sleep on disc golf: it’s a high-flying and fun sport. Some of the best courses in the world are right here in BC, so bringing a set on a road trip can really come in handy.)

What is the best all-purpose sports bag for travel?

Who is it ideal for: A dedicated fitness enthusiast who prefers to have their own gear no matter where they are in the world. A roomy bag can fit boxing gloves, ankle weights, protein powder and workout bands (just don’t forget sneakers and an empty water bottle).

Why we’re endorsing it: Instead of a heavily branded sports bag, we like the retro design and simplicity of a BagBase duffle bag that carries sports equipment but can also be used outside the gym.

Where it could use improvements: Smaller than a square gym bag.

Size/weight/dimensions: 36.8 x 21.2 x 6.2 cm.

Price (subject to change): From $27 at Amazon.

What is the best golf bag for travel?

Bag Boy T-10 Traveler

Who is it ideal for: Golfers who want travel protection for their precious clubs.

Why we’re endorsing it: The Bag Boy T-10 Travel Cover is an interesting hybrid between a hard and soft case travel bag, each of which have their advantages. Hard shells are more protective and durable and soft shells are lighter and generally less expensive. The crush-resistant top, in-line skating wheels, kick stand and polyester construction make it easy to maneuver but not so flimsy that clubs can get damaged.

Where it could use improvements: Limited colors available (as is generally the case with golf bags in the summer).

Size/weight/dimensions: Roughly 36 inches tall.

Price (subject to change): $279.99 at Golf Town.

What is the best bike carrier for travel?

Thule bike bag

Who is it ideal for: Anyone who has a highly prized bike they want to take to with them on a long-distance trip.

Why we’re endorsing it: Thule is a top name in sports protective and transportation equipment. The Thule RoundTrip Pro XT bike carrier gets high marks from reviewers for quality, compactness and construction (nylon over an aluminum shell).

Where it could use improvements: For those who prefer a hard shell without fabric, Thule does make it but it is difficult to find in Canada right now.

Size/weight/dimensions: Axle adapters for 15mm and 20mm.

Price (subject to change): $800 on Amazon.

What is the best tennis travel bag?

Tennis travel bag

Who is it ideal for: Seasoned travelers who know that hotels, resorts and some parks around the world have pristine (and free-to-use) tennis courts that are often empty.

Why we’re endorsing it: This Wilson tennis bag holds up to six rackets and is sleek enough to carry on the court and to lunch after the match.

Where it could use improvements: It’s on sale so stock is limited.

Size/weight/dimensions: 13”H x 29”L x 13”D.

Price (subject to change): $106 (on sale) at Ssense.

What is the best disc golf travel bag?


Who is it ideal for: Disc golf is super popular in BC and some of the best courses in the country are in Langley, Nanaimo, Rossland, Pender Island, Campbell River, Logan Lake — you get the idea. With the right equipment, every summer road trip can be a disc golf trip.

Why we’re endorsing it: There are not a lot of disc golf-specific bags for sale. This PGA Tour Disc Golf Backpack feels very “official” thanks to the logo. It fits 17 discs and has a putter compartment, top handle and has ergonomic backpack straps.

Where it could use improvements: It only comes in black.

Size/weight/dimensions: Not specified.

Price (subject to change): $44.99 at Golf Town.

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