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BRS Golf and Golf Genius – The leaders in competition management

BRS Golf and Golf Genius are providing an integrated ‘best-in-class’ approach to competition management. The integration between the two systems seamlessly allows golfers and managers to easily run any golf events and post scores directly to the World Handicap System (WHS).

Our partnership

Combining the best aspects of a traditional golf experience with unmatched digital innovation, Golf Genius is the most comprehensive and widely used tournament management system worldwide.

Golf Genius is backed by some of the game’s most prestigious clubs, organizations and professional tours and has market-leading experience and knowledge having managed more than 20 million rounds at 500,000 events for 10,000-plus customers in 61 countries worldwide.

BRS Golf is the world’s leading provider of tee time management and online booking systems. Trusted by 3,500 golf clubs across 14 countries and utilized by 700,000-plus club members in the UK and Ireland alone, its systems operate at 99.98 percent up-time, making it completely reliable for clubs and their members.

Over the last three years BRS Golf has added membership management, online payment and point-of-sale software to its product suite, with the addition of Competitions & Handicapping, the technology provider now offers a complete club management solution.
BRS Golf and Golf Genius have brought together their ‘best-in-class’ products to produce a market leading software solution.

Score Entry

We recognize that every golf club has different styles of running their golf events. BRS Golf and Golf Genius will offer you the flexibility and provide many ways of entering scores.

Our Mobile Score Entry and Digital Scorecards take live scoring to the next level. By entering the gross hole-by-hole scores, BRS Golf and Golf Genius will instantly calculate ‘in-play’ results bringing a professional golf tournament feel to your golf events.

Recently, we have introduced our Club Score Input Terminal. This product now allows managers to easily install the software onto a tablet or touchscreen unit at the click of a button. Your golfers can now check-in to their general play or competition rounds and begin entering their scores.

However, for the traditionalists, we also offer the ability to design and print your own scorecards via BRS Golf Genius.


With the connection to WHS, BRS Golf and Golf Genius can successfully post scores to the WHS platforms. Whether this is casual, or competition rounds, players and managers can use the system to post scores on time to WHS for handicap calculations.

Built within BRS Golf and Golf Genius is the Handicap Analysis tool. This excellent feature allows managers to view a comprehensive calculation as to why a certain player, or team pair, or a fourball is playing from their calculated Playing Handicap. The calculation is also available for players to view when they check-in to a competition through the BRS Golf Scoring App or Club Score Input Terminal.

We also have recently improved the attestation process within the BRS Golf Scoring App. This simple change now reduces the number of steps required to verify scores – making it even easier for markers and players at the end of their round!

Commitment to development

Although the integrated solution is relatively new to the UK golf industry, both the teams at BRS Golf and Golf Genius are fully committed to continue the product development journey. We have extensive development resources that focus on all aspects of the integration.

Our next feature release will allow managers to communicate information back to the BRS tee sheet. This two-way API opens many exciting doors to the product and begins the next product development phase.

Our product roadmap fits within the heart of our customers. Through communicating and understanding the needs of our customer base, we gather product feedback to shape the journey ahead. We believe that the more seamless the integration is between the two parties, the better the user experience will be – this is our focus.

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