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Cards alum takes over boys golf team | Sports

Trey Ogle is the new head coach for the Scott County High School boys’ golf team.

Ogle is a SCHS graduate, where he played baseball, basketball and golf, and Georgetown College alum, where he played five years of golf, three as team captain.

Ogle said he is excited about his first year as coach.

“I’m excited to work with [the team]they’re a very coachable group, a group where I can tell them to do something, they’re going to get it, and we can move on,” he said.

The SCHS team is young but has good examples, said Ogle.

“We are a very young team. I’ve got two seniors, Caden Less and Wyatt Holbrook, who couldn’t be better role models for those young boys,” he said.

Consistency will be a focus of his team, Ogle said.

“My goal this first year is to get some consistency for these boys, how we are going to act on the course, how we are going to run things as a program, how we are going to treat our teammates and how to respect the game ,” he said.

While Ogle said he would love to “go out there and win every tournament…at the same time I have two seniors and a lot of freshmen and eighth graders, so this year is all about getting that experience, hopefully a lot of these young guys…will get in some situations where there is a lot of pressure.”

Ogle’s first year goal is “just to gain some experience and gain some momentum that will carry us into next year.”

Ogle briefly worked at Cherry Blossom Golf course, the home of both the Georgetown College Golf team and the SCHS team, so he knew many on the team before being hired,

“Five years playing at Georgetown means I’ve spent a lot of time out here…so I got to know the boys pretty well, whether it that was ‘lets go out and play nine holes,’ or course management, or ‘ in this situation hit this shot,” he said.

Ogle said he appreciated that sort of advice and help when he was playing.

“I had someone I looked up to show me the ropes and help me understand golf a little better, so I’m just trying to return the favor and do that for some younger guys and one day they will do the same for the next generation ,” he said.

Ogle first took up golf going into his senior year of high school.

“It was a very new game to me, and I fell in love with it,” he said.

Ogle walked on at Georgetown College and was eventually a team captain for three years. He said the variety of positions and experiences he had while playing helps him relate to all his players from him.

“I’ve been in that position where I’m the captain and I have to lead the team, but for my freshmen and eight graders, I’ve been there too…I’ve played really good, I’ve played really bad,” Ogle said. “I’ve always wanted to coach…I’ve just always loved working with the younger generations and the younger guys. I’ve liked trying to be a big brother to these guys, because I’ve always had that in my sporting life…I can step in and make an impact, and help these guys become better golfers but also better men.”

Ogle remembers a specific player helping him when he played basketball at SCHS, contributing to his decision to coach.

“Trent Gilbert played for Scott County, and I wasn’t the best player, I wasn’t the fastest, but he treated me like I was the star player even though he was, and he took me under his wing and he helped me out…that meant a lot to me so anytime I want to help a kid, or be a big brother to them, Trent is the first person I think of,” he said.

The SCHS golf team has already had two voluntary practices, with tryouts next week, and their first tournament of the 2022 season on July 25. Ogle said he is looking to give his best in this role.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity Scott County has given me, I’m going to give them my all every day. I take pride in being a Cardinal…it’s always been in my blood, so when this opportunity came…I couldn’t pass it up,” he said.


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