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Claressa Shields on Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano: ‘It definitely transcends boxing’

NEW YORK — Two of the top female boxers in the world, Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano, will face off inside Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. Their bout will be the main event of the card. The atmosphere in New York City leading up to the fight has been out of this world.

Taylor and Serrano have done it all in the ring; now, they’ll meet for Taylor’s undisputed title while they’re still in their primes. All eyes are on them, from WWE Superstars bianca belair and becky lynch to people outside combat sports. Some would say the fight transcends boxing.

Claressa Shields, an undisputed middleweight and light middleweight champion, has been a key figure in attempting to get women’s boxing equal pay and time. The two-time Olympic gold medalist believes that the fight is much bigger than many expect it to be. The “GWOAT” (Greatest Woman of All Time) is happy to see progress in a sport as old as boxing.

Shields spoke with The Sporting News about the fight and what it means. She also discussed a potential future opponent in WBO middleweight champion Savannah Marshall. That is the bout to make and the two have exchanged barbs in person and on social media. Shields says that it is just another fight.

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THE SPORTING NEWS: You’re one of the key proponents for this change in women’s boxing. How does it feel to know that two female fighters are competing inside Madison Square Garden?

CLARESSA SHIELDS: I’m just happy to be able to be apart of it, to be here, to have an input, be in this environment. All of these fans are coming out for a women’s boxing match. It’s time. I was supposed to fight here against Alicia Napoleon when I was fighting on Showtime. She lost to Elin Cederroos, so that ruined our fight. That’s how God works, because that fight wasn’t big enough to be on this stage.

To see Katie Taylor, Amanda Serrano bringing both of their countries, the USA and boxing fans together: This was the fight that was supposed to be here. I’m happy for them and I can’t wait to see their fight.

On the same night that Cederroos beat Napoleon, Shields defeated Ivana Habazin. Cederroos will fight on the undercard of Taylor vs. Highlander. She will be competing against Franchon Crews-Dezurn for the undisputed super middleweight title.

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TSN: Do you think this fight transcends boxing?

CS: It definitely transcends (boxing). We have the seven-figure pay deals, fighting at Madison Square Garden. It’s all packed up, even at the weigh-ins. Everybody walking around is talking about Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor. They are even talking about me, and I ain’t even fighting. It just shows that women’s boxing has grown so much further than anybody ever imagined.

TSN: The fight that can be next for you could be against (WBO middleweight champion) Savannah Marshall, the next big bout in women’s boxing. Where do you see that taking place? Madison Square Garden? Given both of your statuses, is that a fight that can also transcend women’s boxing?

CS: Savannah Marshall isn’t as great as me. It would be a great boxing match, sure. From our past, how can you say that a one-time world champion vs. a 12-time world champion, two-time undisputed champion and a two-time Olympic gold medalist is an even matchup? It’s not.

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When you look at Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano, you have a seven-time division world champion vs. a two-division world champion, undisputed champion and Olympic gold medalist. That’seven. I think the Marshall fight is a big fight. It’s only big because of me. It’s only big because of what I’ve done and what I’ve accomplished. If I was to not have done anything. . . nobody would have paid attention. The fact that I’m the “GWOAT” and that I do MMA and boxing, and I win in both, I’m just great. People want to see me win, they want to see me lose. They want to see me fight.

It’s not as much about Savannah Marshall as people think. me vs. Savannah Marshall is not as big as Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano. I’m as big as Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano, but Marshall is not. You would have to find me a really good challenge and who also has a whole lot of belts.

What time does Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano start?

  • Date: Saturday, April 30
  • Event start: 7:30 p.m. ET
  • Main event: 10:30 p.m. ET (approx.)

Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano will take place on Saturday, April 30. The main event is expected to begin around 10:30 pm ET, depending on how long the undercard fights last.

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When is Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano?

  • Date: Saturday, April 30
  • Event start: 7:30 p.m. ET
  • main event: 10:30 p.m. ET (approx.)

Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano will take place on Saturday, April 30. The main event is expected to begin around 10:30 pm ET, depending on how long the undercard fights last.

Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano price: How much does the fight cost?

  • DAZN monthly subscription: $19.99, $20 in Canada
  • DAZN annual subscription: $99.99, $150 in Canada

To watch Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano, you can pay for a DAZN monthly subscription ($19.99) or annual subscription ($99.99). In Canada, a DAZN monthly subscription is $20 and an annual subscription is $150.

Customers in the United Kingdom can sign up for DAZN for £7.99 per month.

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