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Golf League Results: Aug. 3, 2022 – Pine and Lakes Echo Journal

Crosswoods Men’s League

Tuesday, July 26

Game of the Day: 3 best net on odd holes, all 4 net on even holes

First place – Sunrise: Bud Roberts, Rick Hammer, Jack Krasky, Steve Hall (blind draw)

First place – High Noon: Daryl Thorvilson, Mic Tchida, Marty Appel, Gary Villella (blind draw)

Second place – Sunrise: Randy Kraft, Scott Mashek, Kevin Jungles, Tony Coffey

Second place – High Noon: Micke Juillerat, Matt Stephens, Gary Villella, Rick Hammer (blind draw)

Closest to pin: Bob Hinkley, Bud Roberts, Rick Atkinson, Jerry Graham

Longest putt: Dave Oleson, Lenny Rau

Low Net – Sunrise: Scott Mashek (30)

Low Net – High Noon: Mark Millsop (32)

Player of the Day: Jack Krasky (68)

Low Gross: Gary Norman (74)

Thursday, July 28

Game of the Day: Cha-Cha-Cha

First place – High Noon: Gary Norman, Bob Johnson, John Jensen, Rick Atkinson

First Place – Sunset: Greg Jorvig, Lenny Rau, Ray Elie, Neil Smith

Second place – High Noon: Tom Smith, Terry Nygaard, Jim Weisner, Paul Prescott

Second place – Sunset: Micke Juillerat, Jerry Williams, Mic Tchida, Rick Hammer

Closest to pin: Gary Norman, Jerry Williams, Jim Mateyka, Steve Sandberg

Longest putt: Lenny Rau, Jake Lalan

Low Net – High Noon: Dave Branum (33)

Low Net–Sunset: Bob Hinkley (30)

Player of the Day: Paul Prescott (67)

Low Gross: Gary Norman (76)

Crosswoods Women’s League

Monday, July 25

Game of the Day: Against All Odds

First Place: Mary Daniels, Jan McChesney, Carol Lovro

Second place: Joan Baker, Cincy VanHorn, Bonnie Coffey

Third place: Sue Mitsch, Cheri Tiggelaar, Joanne Sundem

Individual Low Net: Renee Aden

Low Gross: Tracy Nelson

Wednesday, July 27

Game of the Day: Stableford

First place: Carla Younce, Marilyn McKeehen, Mindy Carlson, Jamie Halvorson

Second place: Kay Olson, Shari Loechler, Anita Boldt, Connie Foster

Third place: Diane Dalzell, Dar Bonnema. Carol Lindahl, Marsha Thomson

Chip-ins: Irene Heath, Carol Lindahl, Mindy Carlson

Eagle: Mindy Carlson

Whitefish Men’s League

Tuesday, July 26

Game of the Day: 1-2-3 Net Best Balls of Foursome.

Flight 1

First place: Jerry Moore, Ric Rowe, Roger Jensen, Frank Roedl

Second place: Bill Pool, Tom Boyce, Rich Kastner, Tom Otteson

Third place: Ron Filmore, Rich Sykora, Don Craig, Tom McGrath

Flight 2

First Place: Sam Kantos, Paul Kaufenberg, Gary Amundson, Bill Bell

Second place: Bill Johander, Duane Helfenstein, Richard Hansen, Mike Rancour

Third place: Dave Duncan, Paul Schmidt, Tom Baker, Larry Raisbeck

Closest to the pin

Hole No. 4: Paul Schmidt

Hole No. 7: Paul Kaufenberg

longest putt

Hole No. 9: Bruce Rickert

Hole No. 18: Don Faust

Whitefish Women’s Leagues

18-Hole League

Wednesday, July 27

Game of the Day: Cha Cha Cha

First place: Debbie Enger, Myra Faust, Lisa Cline, blind draw.

Second place: Nancy McEnroe, Joi Brandt, Virginia Sitzer, blind draw.

Third place: Paula Gulliford, Kathy Coombs, Marguerite Baker, blind draw.

Fourth place: Maxine Riches, Pam Musielewicz, Dorie Kaleva, Sandy Meyer.

Low Net: Debbie Enger (69)

Birdies: Paula Gulliford, Sandy Meyer

Chip-ins: Sandy Meyer (2), Sally Ekman, Joyce Fleck, Jane Guild

Emily Greens Leagues

Tuesday Morning Men’s League

First place: Jim Shallman, Rick Jacobson, Mick Erickson, Greg Anderson

Second place: Gary Nelson, Mike Brown, Jim Wick, Mike Oelrich

Third place: Pat O’Conner, Roger Hanson, Roger Brekken, Keith Petron

Fourth place: Gordon Bobbe, Jerry Booth, Dave Merta, Tom Rollinson

Longest putter: Don Atwater

Closest to the pin No. 1: Tom Rollinson

Closest to the pin No. 3: Kim Bachmann

Closest to the pin No. 9: Dave Lahti

Chipins: Mick Erickson, Charlie, Peterson, Tom Rollinson

Tuesday Morning Back 9 League

First place: Jerry Booth, Don Ateater, Dave Merta, Mike Oelrich

Second place: Keith Petron, Lenny Deshayes, Mike Brown, Ron Ladwig

Third place: Wayne Seiffert, Mick Erickson, Tom Rollinson, Dean Kapler

Tuesday Evening Men’s League / Wednesday Morning Men’s League

Skins: Steve Smith, Jake Appel, Chris Olander (2)

Proxy Winners: Jimmy Vanderark, Joe Holhen

Wednesday Morning Men’s League / Wednesday Morning Men’s League

Skins: Don Rodi, Kola Slavin (2), Keith Petron

Proxy Winners: Don Atwater (2)

Wednesday Evening Women’s League

Play of the Day: Scramble

First place: Carol Germann, Barbara Ramola, Charly Richters

Second place: Marianne Auge, Becky Guida, Julie Wessman

Closest to the pin, No. 1: Becky Guida

Long drive: Carol Germann

Thursday Morning Women’s League

Play of the Day: What’s your Average?

Winners: Nancy Kruse, Joanne Walker, Lorie Rode, Lisa Weber, Lisa Poirier, Mac Curtis, Jodi Peck, Kathy Ecklund, Shirly Gorg, Robin Purgett

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