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How to Spend a Lottery Win on Golf

Don’t tell the boss, but there’s a great way to spend the time on a Friday afternoon as your week is drawing to a close and you’re starting to think about your golfing plans for the next few days. Take a glimpse at what Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot is and let your mind drift away with the thoughts of how best to spend a lottery win on your golf.

Please note: the numbers below are purely for illustrative purposes, with the prizes obviously varying week-to-week!

£1,000 – 4 Numbers + 2 Stars, EuroMillions

Custom Fitted Clubs

Within the reach of most golfers during their lifetime, but a full custom fitting can end up being a relatively pricey affair. Instead, why not use some of your winnings to get your bag in shape? It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to afford a full bag with your £1,000, but it’ll certainly make a large dent in a new set of irons, and comfortably cover a brand new driver – even with a funky custom shaft!

Golf Fees

It’s the same story every year, your golf fees are due up and you need to dip into the family coffers to get them squared away. It’s not the sexiest use of your good fortune, but it’ll give you a little comfort the next time the renewals letter from the club drops through the door.

Short Haul Golf Break

How about spending some of your money on memories? £1,000 will go a long way towards a great short-haul break, allowing you to take in the best of what Spain or Portugal have to offer, with plenty left over for your enjoyment off the course too! Check out our friends at golfbreaks if you’re in need of some inspiration!

£20,000 – 5 Numbers, EuroMillions

Join Somewhere New

Golf club membership can be a price affair, with one of the biggest hurdles of joining some of the top courses being an entrance fee – as well as relatively hefty annual subs. Whilst £20,000 won’t cover every club in the UK & Ireland, it’ll comfortably cover the cost of joining and playing a good few years for free at most!

Take The Group Away

Feeling generous? Why not take your group away on a trip. You’ll be the hero amongst your mates for a while, and you’ll get full choice over where you’re going and who’s coming with you! £20,000 would comfortably allow a group of 12 to head into Europe, or a group of 20+ to have a great weekend at one of the UK’s top resorts. You might even have some pennies left over for a few beers … although we suspect your pals may be willing to help you out here …

Experience The Masters or Ryder Cup in Style

If you’re looking for something truly memorable from your £20,000, why not go to one of the game’s biggest events. Whilst tickets to The Masters and the Ryder Cup start at just a few hundred pounds each, £20,000 should allow you to experience the events in style – hobnobbing in hospitality between groups! Again, the guys at golfbreaks can help you out here if it is something you’re looking to tick off your own bucket list – regardless of your EuroMillions numbers coming up.

£100,000 – 5 Numbers + 1 Star, EuroMillions

A Cluster of Home Bases

Now we’re talking, £100,000 could really get things moving. You’ve certainly got the cash to join wherever you’d like to around your home, but why not also join a couple of other courses, giving you golfing options throughout the year! A course in Kent? A links in Lancashire? How about a history-packed track in Scotland? £100,000 makes joining all three a comfortable reality!

The PXG (or similar!) Xperience

Here’s something completely different. When PXG first came on the scene, Bob Parsons and co. offered the ultimate experience, based around their Scottsdale National course. You’d fly in with a friend, be custom fit for all of your clubs, play the courses on site, be taken for 5* dinners, and even meet the man himself. The Xperience used to cost in the region of $80,000 and although it’s been tweaked over time, a version of this is still available through the Scottdale National website. Not a fan of PXG? There’s nothing to say you couldn’t put your own little trip like this together, playing some incredible venues whilst also building in an element of custom fitting and fine dining!

Train Like a Pro

Ever wondered how good you could really be if you only had the time and money? While the £100,000 might not be quite enough to give up the day job, it would definitely allow for regular lessons from a PGA Pro, as well as personal fitness sessions, mental coaching and even bespoke putting and chipping instruction. Why not give your golf a proper go with your lottery win? There could surely be few things as satisfying!


£1,000,000 – 5 Numbers + Bonus Ball, UK Lotto

Pay For Your Golfing Privacy

We’re now getting into the realms of lifestyle changes, and what better way than to join up with some like-pocketed individuals at one of the country’s most exclusive clubs. Queenwood, Beaverbrook and Wentworth all command six-figure initiation fees, and provide their members with world-class golfing facilities. Additionally, the trio ooze privacy, often asking to even be excluded from golf course rankings. They’re clubs which are designed to solely focus on giving their membership the best possible experience, with no expense spared – sounds like something that could be of interest?

The Trip of a Lifetime

We’ll admit that this is where we spend a lot of time in our own heads. £1,000,000 gives you carte-blanche to really design the golfing adventure of a lifetime. Perhaps you want to fly a few friends in first-class over to play every course at Pinehurst? Or to experience the Australian sand-belt layouts, whilst staying on a luxury yacht? Maybe it’s just buying the best motor-home money can buy and playing every Top 100 course in the UK. Whatever your dream getaway might be, £1,000,000 surely makes this a reality?

A Home For Your New Homes

We talked earlier about the idea of ​​joining several clubs around the country. However, staying in hotels or traveling up and down can be tiresome. Why not set up some more permanent abodes close to your new courses? Imagine it – a flat overlooking the seafront at Deal or Westward Ho!, as well as a terraced townhouse in the center of North Berwick. You could even think about renting these out when you’re not in town, giving you some return on your golfing investment … making it even easier to justify your partner!

£5,000,000 – Jackpot, UK Lotto

Upgrade Your Local

Whilst joining somewhere new is all well and good, maybe you’re very happy where you are? It might just need a few new additions to really help it meet your new found tastes. You could pay for a new short game area to be developed to help you finally overcome your chipping woes? Or help to create a state-of-the-art indoor practice space – heck, the club would likely even name it in your honour! Maybe you want to really go down and add that gym and sauna to the end of the clubhouse giving you no excuse not to stay in shape. Investing in your local club is not only noble, but also could be hugely beneficial to your own game – as well as those of your fellow members!

The Trip of a Lifetime – But Travel in Style!

Developing a theme from earlier on, why not join some of the PGA TOUR’s biggest names and join a private-jet scheme. You can load the lads up in style as you skip across the Atlantic for a weekend’s golf around New York? Or buy out the whole of the first-class section of the next flight to Mauritius or South Africa as you load up your clubs and your mates for a truly magical experience. Lotto Jackpot winners always travel in style.

£20,000,000 – Jackpot, EuroMillions

A Place To Call Your Own

So you’ve joined all the clubs you want to, and played the best courses on the planet – but there’s something missing. Something you’d like to change. If you build it, will they come? Why not put your money where your thoughts are and set out to create your own course. £20,000,000 certainly makes this feasible, although more can and has been spent in recent years in creating some of the UK & Ireland’s newest resorts. Whether you want to buy out and remodel and existing club, or start entirely from scratch, what better way to spend your money than by creating your own legacy with a course that features your name above the door!

Put Your Name to Something

And speaking of legacy…

Headline sponsorship of a DP World Tour event? A junior developmental tour? How about helping to re-shape the way elite amateur golf is financed? £20,000,000 opens just about every door imaginable. It’s honorable to invest in the future of the game, as well as areas that have been previously overlooked for investment. It’s also fun to be involved with the biggest players in the sport, enjoying all the benefits that come with headline sponsorship of the game’s biggest events. You could even just buy out every TV Commercial break for next year’s Open, ensuring 10-hours of uninterrupted coverage each day – what a nice thing to do for your fellow golfers.

One thing’s for sure, a EuroMillions jackpot gives you a whole load of options.

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