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Iranian Hulk, Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya, and more

Welcome back to your daily dose of Sportskeeda’s Boxing News Roundup, where we go over what’s new with some of the biggest names in boxing. In today’s issue, we’ll discuss the Iranian Hulk’s failed boxing debut, Manny Pacquiao’s singing skills, the odds for Ortiz Jr. vs. McKinson, and Oscar De La Hoya’s predictions for Crawford vs. Spencer Jr.

Let’s get into it!

#4 Iranian Hulk lost his boxing debut

iran hulk

#3 Manny Pacquiao shows off singing skills

manny pacquiaoVergil Ortiz Jr. (L) and Michael McKinson (R)From left to right: Oscar De La Hoya, Terence Crawford (@tbudcrawford /Instagram), Errol Spence Jr. (@errolspencejr /Instagram)

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“Spence is a very dangerous puncher, he’s a devastating puncher. He’s very effective, he’s actually my favorite. He’s very one-dimensional, but if he start using his feints and use his footwork a little more and then kind of take his opponents off rhythm, he can be one dangerous man for a very long time.”

Watch Oscar De La Hoya’s interview here:

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