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Jake Paul compares Tyson Fury and his family with legendary Mayweather dynasty

The Mayweather family is most famous for legendary fighter Floyd Jr, but his dad was also a fighter and his cousin Roger was a legendary coach, and the Furys have a similar story

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Jake Paul admits Tommy Fury fight cancellation cost him “millions”

Jake Paul has compared the Fury family with the American Mayweather boxing dynasty ahead of his fight with Tommy Fury this summer.

The YouTube star is 5-0 as a professional boxer, but has admitted that he is taking a massive step up by facing 8-0 Fury, who has been around boxing since he was a child. He has frequently mocked the younger Fury for his inability to step out of brother Tyson’s shadow, but he does understand the impressive achievements of the Fury family.

Paul has also had his run-ins with the Mayweathers, particularly a scrap he had with the most famous member of the Floyd Jr family at a press conference last summer. The pair were in Florida to promote Mayweather’s exhibition bout with Jake’s older brother Logan when the social media star took his hat from him, leading to a physical altercation.

But the YouTuber has shown respect to both families, whose roots in boxing are considerably deeper than just the greatest successes of Tyson and Floyd. For the British family, they come from a long line of travelers who would box bare-knuckle, and they have a number of famous fighters.

His dad John was an unremarkable fighter as a professional, similar to Floyd’s father Floyd Sr, although the American was notably more successful in his ring outings. John held a record of 8-4-1, while Floyd Sr. was 28-6-1.

And Tyson’s uncle Peter Fury is one of the UK’s most respected coaches, similar to Mayweather’s late uncle Roger who was a renowned trainer in America and his other uncle Jeff, a former fighter and beloved coach. The Brit’s cousins ​​Hughie Fury and Nathan Gorman are also both highly-regarded heavyweights.

Mayweather and Fury also have brothers who are undefeated prospects. Tommy is 8-0 in his young career and Floyd’s long lost sibling Justin Jones went 6-0 before the pandemic cut his career short.

In a YouTube video to promote his fight with Tommy, Paul compared the two dynasties, saying: “Tommy Fury comes from a legendary bloodline of fighters; the gypsies who have been mauling people since they were f***ing born.

Floyd Mayweather Jr and his father Floyd Mayweather Sr are legendary in boxing circles

Who do you think will win; Jake Paul or Tommy Fury? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

“For Christ’s sake, his brother is the heavyweight champion of the world [ Tyson Fury ]his dad [John Fury] went to jail for ripping someone’s eye out. Tommy Fury has been boxing since he was 12-years-old, gone through the amateurs.

“He just mauled a 10-1 boxer, knocked him to the ground and the Fury name is just as infamous as the Mayweathers, their entire entire family; all they know is box.

“To put this into perspective as to what’s going on, this is like if Tommy Fury tried to start a vlog channel to out-vlog me and Logan [his brother]. It’s not f***ing possible, it’s everyday bro!

“I’m going into their territory, I’m going into their sport – like I said, Tommy’s been boxing since he was like 12-years-old, this is part of his blood. This is what he does on a daily basis .”

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