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Readers sound off on the Jan. 6 hearing, Saudi golf and the Mermaid Parade – New York Daily News

Swarthmore, Pa.: The House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, assault on the Capitol has begun to reveal the findings of their yearlong investigation. The intended audience for the hearings is both the mass audience, comprised of the American public, and, perhaps equally important, an audience of one: US Attorney General Merrick Garland. The committee’s intention is to incontrovertibly demonstrate that former President Donald J. Trump was at the heart of a conspiracy that led to the insurrection on Jan. 6. Trump’s goal was to subvert the lawful and constitutionally mandated function of Congress to certify the election of Joseph R. Biden to the presidency and allow for the peaceful transfer of power.

The ultimate purpose of the Democrat-chaired committee is seemingly two-fold. One goal is to convince the public that Trump was and continues to be a clear and present danger to this country and must never again be allowed to reside in the White House. The second goal is to convince Garland that Trump’s actions and his willful intent warrant that he be indicted for his role in fomenting a potential rebellion, endangering the lives of those present and undermining the US Constitution.

It’s unclear if these goals will be realized. What is clear is that this series of hearings is necessary to provide a cathartic cleansing of our political body — a cleansing that might finally remove Trump from our future lives and reduce him to being remembered as an aberration in the political history of the US ken derow

Brooklyn: Nothing new was exposed on Thursday night. It was actually a Democrat and Republican Trump-hating infomercial. This is a continuing effort after the failed Mueller investigation and two fraudulent, partisan impeachments with no conviction to stop Trump from being allowed to run in 2024. lydia dibello

Briarwood: After watching the Jan. 6 committee hearing on Thursday night, I have one question: Why has Donald Trump not been arrested? Yes, I get it. In this country, we do not use the criminal justice system to retaliate against political opponents. On the other hand, interference in the peaceful transfer of power is the one crime that no politician should be allowed to commit. If Trump is not charged with sedition then sometime in the future, a Trump-like politician will again try to illegally hold onto power, and he or she will succeed. Such an event will end our democracy. Our justice system needs to send a clear message to Trump and all current and future leaders that failure to peacefully transfer power is the one crime that will not be tolerated! Mary Elizabeth Ellis

Holbrook, LI: Just a reminder for those who refuse to watch the Jan. 6 committee hearings in favor of Fox News: Every bit of testimony given at the hearings is under oath on pain of perjury. What you hear on Fox is blather — the spewers of which would never testify to under oath! M. L. Wilson

Dix Hills, LI: I thought it was important to tell you that my not-so-young husband told me last night that he has two new heroes — actually, heroines: Caroline Edwards and Liz Cheney. Now, that is progress. B. Lorge

Bronx: Has Vladimir Putin ever come to Donald Trump’s defense? Kim Jong Un? Jair Bolsonaro? After these hearings, will they ever come to his defense of him? Rose Mary Lancaster

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Flushing: Has President Biden been perfect? Absolutely not, but how can a president get anything done when Congress doesn’t function? These people get elected and then it’s just one long fundraiser. They do not care about doing what’s right, only about getting re-elected and staying in power, beholden to their keepers, the lobbyists. Do you remember when they used to do the people’s business? Remember compromise? The people have no one to blame but ourselves because we keep voting the same old tired, useless people back into office! Shame on us! Joseph Gross

Fort Worth, Texas: During the worst winter storm in Texas history that left millions without heat and 256 dead, Sen. Ted Cruz apparently became so concerned about his daughters’ safety that he personally escorted them to Cancun, Mexico. That’s why I was surprised that Sen. Cruz, being such a good dad, didn’t show more concern for his daughters’ safety after the worst mass shooting in Texas history, especially knowing that with so few gun restrictions in Texas, anyone can purchase a military-style assault rifle along with extra-capacity magazines. That means that any gunman armed with an AR-15 can enter a store, a restaurant, a church or a classroom and brutally murder every man, woman and child there in under a minute. Tragically for this country, Cruz seems more worried about losing a poker game or his NRA endorsement than the fact that those parents in Uvalde couldn’t identify their own children without using DNA. Sharon Autry

Nutley, NJ: To Voicer Jack D’Elia: I, too, would like to acknowledge the gross injustices done to Americans of Italian descent, including the lynching in New Orleans and the Sacco and Vanzetti executions. Could we also acknowledge that discrimination and ill-treatment of minorities exist along a spectrum, with some groups more heavily brutalized than others? The Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Ala., estimates that approximately 4,400 Black people were lynched, drowned or burned at the stake between 1877 and 1950. Stereotyping in milder forms continues today. I was reminded of this reading about the lawsuit filed by a Black Uber driver who called the police in East Rutherford, NJ when a white passenger allegedly pulled a knife on him. When the police arrived, they apparently assumed the Black driver was the one with the knife. At gunpoint, he was handcuffed, then made to sit on the curb — still handcuffed — while the police questioned the white passenger. peter griswold

Brooklyn: Some of my fellow “Jeopardy!” fans have written in wishing for limits on winning streaks. Well, I’m truly sorry to see Ryan Long’s streak come to an end. He’s a total class act; humble, grateful, a total gentleman. I wish him all the best in the Tournament of Champions. He was a breath of fresh air! George De Santo

Manhattan: They say every man has his price, and now we know what Phil Mickelson’s is: It’s $200 million (”PGA Tour bans all Saudi-league defectors,” June 10). Well, maybe he needs the money, right? Carl L Maury

Staten Island: The professional golf tour for men has recently been expanded by the newly-formed and controversial, ultra-rich LIV Golf International Series sponsored by Saudi Arabian interests. Since most golf fans will not know or will quickly forget that “LIV” is the Roman numeral for 54, which is the score for an 18-hole golf course with a birdie on every hole. May I suggest, in the interest of brevity and connectivity, that we simply refer to the individual golf tournaments as being part of the Bone Saw Golf Series — simpler, and yet, meaningful. John D Hogan

Brooklyn: I met Dick Zigun more than 40 years ago when I was working a derby horse race game on Bowery St. in Coney Island. Since then, we have become very good friends. Dick became the “major” of Coney Island over the years because of his vision of him. With his sideshow and museum of him, he was able to maintain the quirkiness of yesteryear. As a past president of the Coney Island Polar Bear Club, I marched with the club in many Mermaid Parades, a tradition the club still practices today. I know the parade will continue with all its colorful pomp and ceremony as in the past, but deep down inside, I feel that it will just not be the same without the master showman in his top hat. Dick, you will always be the oldest of Coney Island. Louie Scarcella

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