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Skechers golf shoes – tested by major winners and amateur golfers

Skechers continue to raise the bar in delivering market-leading comfort, game-changing performance technology and exciting new designs.

Skechers have tapped into the award-winning running and lifestyle divisions and added key insights from a roster of Skechers Performance tour pros to develop their most advanced collection of golf shoes yet.

Key innovations for 2022 include the expansion of Skechers’ Arch Fit Technology across styles for men and women, the introduction of Skechers’ acclaimed HYPERBURST midsole technology to select models, and a redesigned GRIPFLEX spikeless outsole for enhanced traction.

Introduced in two golf styles for men and women in 2021, Skechers Arch Fit insoles – with podiatrist-certified arch support – can now be found in the majority of GO GOLF styles.

This is a removable insole system developed from over 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted foot scans. The shape is designed to mold to your foot, reduces shock and increases weight dispersion, providing enhanced arch support on the course.

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Select styles also now feature Skechers’ HYPERBURST cushioning, a lightweight and highly responsive midsole material used in Skechers’ technical running and walking styles. The innovative foam is created using spherically shaped cells compressed into the midsole for a long-lasting and resilient cushioning experience.

A redesigned GRIPFLEX outsole also features in several styles this year.

The spikeless TPU outsole provides enhanced traction and stability through a unique combination of multidirectional cleats and static lugs that help grip on diverse surfaces.

“I’ve been wearing and testing and Skechers Go Golf for some time now, and this innovative footwear offers the comfort and performance that I need on the course.”

– Matt Fitzpatrick

Skechers Go Golf shoes for 2022

Skechers Go Golf Pro 5 Hyper golf shoes

Skechers Go Golf Pro 5 Hyper


Innovative comfort and style with loads of features. The spiked shoe – as worn by Skechers Performance Pro Matt Fitzpatrick – features a removable Arch Fit comfort insole with high-performance Resamax cushioning, an ultralightweight HYPERBURST cushioned midsole, a dynamic diamond traction plate with replaceable Softspikes for maximum grip, and a waterproof synthetic upper with one-year waterproof warranty. Colors White/blue and black/grey.

Skechers Go Golf Elite 5 Legend golf shoes

Skechers Go Golf Elite 5 Legend

RRP £110

Designed with Skechers’ innovative outsole technology – Skechers GRIPFLEX. This revolutionary grip system boasts a combination of multi-directional cleats and lugs to provide superior traction and stability, all in a turf-friendly design. Skechers new Arch Fit insole provides podiatrist-certified arch support. Colors Black/white, grey, navy.

Skechers Go Golf Drive 5 golf shoes

Skechers Go Golf Drive 5


Sleek, casual style and on-course performance arrives in the GO GOLF Drive 5. Designed to be worn on and off the course, this spikeless shoe features a leather and synthetic upper with a removable Arch Fit insole and Goodyear Performance Outsole for traction. The versatile pair includes waterproof protection with a 12-month warranty. Colors White/navy and grey/red.

Skechers Go Golf Walk 5 golf shoes

Skechers Go Golf Walk 5


Step out with a full range of supportive comfort features, including Skechers Relaxed Fit for a roomy, comfortable fit. This spikeless water-repellent womens’ shoe features a lace-up heathered mesh upper with a synthetic animal print trim, removable Arch Fit insole, lightweight ULTRA GO cushioning and Goodyear Performance Outsole. Colors Grey/blue, navy/blue.

Four amateur golfers tested the Skechers Go Golf shoes

Four golfers put Skechers’ new Go Golf shoes through their paces

Choosing a new pair of golf shoes is a big decision. Price, performance, comfort, style, durability and grip all need factoring into a final purchase.

Finding the right blend of all these features is key – and Skechers believe their 2022 Go Golf range delivers across the board. To find out if that’s the case, we invited four club golfers to The Belfry to take part in a thorough test. We wanted to discover whether Skechers’ key 2022 innovations – the expansion of Arch Fit Technology, the introduction of the Hyper Burst midsole technology and a redesigned GripFlex spikeless outsole – delivered on course. Each player chose two pairs of shoes and took them to the first tee of the world-famous Brabazon course for two rounds in each. This is how they got on…

Tom Harvey, 15-handicap | Lizzy Wood, 4-handicap | Emma Athow, 7-handicap | Roger Bown, 21-handicap

How did you find the out-of-box comfort?

LW: When I first tried them on I found them a little hard in that they were platformed the whole way across so I felt a bit higher. However, I quickly got used to that feeling and the comfort was absolutely fine.

RB: They were a tad tight when I first put them on, probably because I’ve got very wide feet. But within a couple of holes they were really comfortable.

TH: The best I’ve had from any golf shoe. In the past, I’ve had shoes I’ve had to ‘wear in’, but I’ve jumped straight onto the 1st tee with these.

AE: First-class. It’s been difficult for me to find shoes which I can put straight on and play 18 holes in without hurting at all. But in these I could.

What about the styling?

LW: I love the Elite 5 Sport, though I wouldn’t necessarily choose them for summer golf. I’d probably go for a lighter colour. The sole wasn’t like anything I’d seen before, but they did perform really well.

RB: Great. I love the colours, particularly the bright green. Another important thing, for me, was that the laces remained intact, unlike my other shoes – I have to keep bending down to do them up.

TH: Really classic, simple and ideal for me – I’m not one for super-loud colours, so blue and white (Drive 5) was perfect.

Four amateur golfers tested Skechers golf shoes during 36 holes at The Belfry

How did you find the grip and traction?

LW: The best shoes I’ve ever had, and I have had Skechers before. I was super impressed with the grip, especially considering the course was a bit wet when we started. I do swing quite fast and have slipped before, and I felt really stable in the bunkers, too.

RB: As good as anything I’ve ever worn on a golf course. They gripped particularly well in the bunkers, which I found on a regular basis.

TH: For a spikeless shoe, the grip with the Drive 5 was really good – as good as I’ve ever experienced. I got in the rough a few times, but they had excellent grip and stability.

AE: Brilliant, even though the Walk 5 shoes are spikeless and it was quite damp underfoot first thing.

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Would you recommend Skechers?

LW: I certainly would. All my golf shoes are Skechers… I also use them for the gym and dog-walking!

RB: I fell in love with them (Elite 4 Victory), so absolutely.

TH: Absolutely, they’re waterproof and I’d recommend them to anyone.

AE: Definitely, especially the Walk 5 – a very comfortable, wide-fitting shoe.

What did you like most?

LW: Thestability. Everyone knows about the comfort with Skechers; you put them on and you don’t have to worry about blisters or them rubbing at all, but the stability was impressive.

RB: Just the overall shoe – it was absolutely perfect, spot-on.

TH: The all-round package: traditional looks with a modern twist, they’re comfortable and grippy. You couldn’t ask for any more in a golf shoe.

AE: I liked the sponginess, particularly in the Walk 5 – it was like walking on air, even coming off the 18th green.

Any negatives?

LW: Nothing, other than I wouldn’t choose black shoes to play in summer.

RB: The coloring (green) might not suit everyone, but that’s all down to personal choice.

TH: No. If I saw these in a golf shop, I’d consider them straight away.

AE: Not really. I did have a Skechers model before, but the Walk 5 are even more comfortable.

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Were there any big differences between the two pairs you tried?

LW: The Walk 5 are perhaps a bit like a trainer, so they’re very comfortable. If you’re walking a long way, they’re great. But I preferred the Elite 5 Sport for performance, because I’m standing there and hitting it quite hard so I need the extra stability; ideal for competitive golf and when you need to be on your game.

RB: I felt more comfortable in the Elite 4 Victory shoes. There was a bit of a platform in the Elite 5 Sport, so I just felt a bit high addressing the ball.

TH: I noticed a difference with the morning round played in spikeless (Drive 5) and in spikes (Pro 5 Hyper), which almost provided too much traction so I had to adjust slightly. These would make great winter shoes.

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